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Capybara Clicker

Play an online game during your busy time

Capybara Clicker was released for busy people who need to click to produce capybaras. Then, players can purchase some automatic tools to create more capybaras.

Many players love playing online games but they're too busy to experience them. Therefore, many idle games are released aimed to help busy people relax. One of the outstanding idle games is Capybara Clicker that's also known as a famous clicking game. At the beginning, you may take some minutes to click and create capybaras. However, after you can buy some automatic tools, your mission is more idle. Sometimes, watching automated tools work will make you feel very entertained.

How to create more capybaras in Capybara Clicker

There are two ways to produce capybaras including manual and automatic ways. If you have more free time, you can click the left mouse button to get capybaras. Don't forget to use automatic tools in your busy time.

Manual way

As I introduced, this game is a clicker game so you just need to click to create an object. In this game, with one click, many capybaras will appear on the screen. You even can upgrade your click by purchasing pointers. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to some special capybaras that move across the screen. You can click on them to get a huge amount of small capybaras.

Automatic way

To create capybaras automatically, the tools are necessary. They can be bought on the screen while you have enough small capybaras. These tools help you release many capybaras while you don't need to do anything. The more tools you have, the more capybaras are created. Your big capybara on the screen even can unlock some new skins when you reach a certain amount of capybaras. So, let's have fun with this idle game now!