Subway Surfers: Haunted Hood

Subway Surfers: Haunted Hood is a game that takes you on a hair-raising race through haunted locations. There are many secrets waiting for you to discover.

About Game

Subway Surfers has taken the mobile gaming world by storm and the Haunted Hood edition adds a touch of spookiness to this already exhilarating game. Today In this brief overview, we will dive into the controls and unique features that make Subway Surfers: Haunted Hood a must-play for gaming enthusiasts.

Master the controls

Subway Surfers' intuitive controls make it accessible to players of all ages. In Haunted Hood, you navigate through strange landscapes using the following controls:

  • Left/right arrows: Quickly press sideways to help you change lanes to avoid obstacles and collect coins.
  • Up arrow: Swipe up to make your character jump up. Perfect for jumping over barriers and onto higher platforms.
  • Down arrow: Swipe down to slide under low-level obstacles. Timing is crucial to avoid getting caught.
  • Spacebar: Press the spacebar to launch the hoverboard, providing a temporary shield against collision.

Haunted Hood feature

1. Spooky background:

The Haunted Hood version introduces players to a creepy environment and has impressive visuals. Spooky characters, haunted buildings, and eerie sounds create an immersive atmosphere, making each run an adventure.

2. New characters:

Meet new characters that perfectly fit the haunted theme. Each character has unique abilities, adding strategic depth to your runs.

3. Increase special powers:

Discover exclusive powers like Ghost Magnet which attracts coins from afar or Phantom Spray which temporarily makes you invisible to obstacles.

4. Seasonal challenges:

Participate in limited-time challenges coinciding with the Halloween season. Completing these challenges will reward players with rare items and boosters, adding to the excitement.

5. Haunted Hunt:

Embark on a Haunted Hunt to find hidden artifacts and unlock special rewards. This feature encourages exploration and adds a sense of mystery to the gameplay.

Why choose Subway Surfers: Haunted Hood?

Subway Surfers: Haunted Hood combines the beloved mechanics of the original game with a delicious Halloween theme. Responsive controls make it easy for both casual and hardcore players to enjoy. With seasonal challenges, new characters, and hauntingly beautiful scenery, this release offers a unique and thrilling experience.
Whether you're a Subway Surfers veteran or new to the series, Haunted Hood promises hours of entertainment.