Blumgi Castle

Blumgi Castle takes you into a space of strategy combined with fantasy in harmony to deliver an immersive and engaging gaming experience like never before.

Overview of the game

Enter the dynamic world of Blumgi Castle, a game of skill that turns strategy into an explosive spectacle. Arm yourself with an array of explosives and special weapons as you embark on a mission to plunge your enemies into the abyss. Whether you enjoy blowing up enemies or destroying the ground beneath them, this game offers a unique and addictive experience.

How to control the game

Single-player mode:

  • Objective: Use A/D keys or Left/Right arrows to control your onslaught.
  • Shoot: Hold the action button and release the Spacebar to unleash a hail of bombs on your monstrous enemies.

Multiplayer mode:

  • Objective: Coordinate your attacks using the E/R keys or the Left/Right arrows.
  • Shoot: Whether you prefer A or Spacebar, hold and release to execute your explosive strategy.

Gameplay mechanics:

  • Objective: Success is measured by defeating every creature in a level, achieved by using your explosive arsenal strategically.
  • Intensity Control: Master the art of destruction using indicators around your character. Hold the action button to set the intensity of your explosive attack.
  • Unlock new characters: As you progress through the levels, the thrill continues with the introduction of exciting all-new characters. Don't miss the chance to play as each of them and discover their unique skills.

Special weapons:

At the top of the screen is a treasure trove of exciting special weapons waiting to be unleashed:

  • Bigger Explosions: Amplify the chaos with explosions of epic proportions.
  • Hacksaw: Create a path of destruction with a rotating hacksaw.
  • Dynamite: Unleash a barrage of explosives to cause widespread destruction.
  • Laser Beam: Harness the power of the future with precision laser beams.
  • Teleport Basketball: From the brother game Blumgi Ball, use the iconic teleport basketball to surprise and confuse your enemies.

The game is a symphony of explosive creativity. So aim right, unleash the chaos, and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering levels in this captivating game of skill.